SafetyOne for a Safe Reopening

A complete Re-Opening solution allowing your employees, participants, staff, and all others required to manage your organization to reopen in a low-risk environment.

Reopen safely with SafetyOne

Services to help you ReOpen:

  • Request COVID-19 Lab Test from your SafetyOne Profile, with results returned to your centralized SafetyOne platform**
  • Notify anyone in related organizations or in proximity of positive cases
  • Submit Incidents of “Positive Cases”, “High Temps”, “In Contact”, or other custom incidents
  • “Tag” profiles as “Positive Cases”, “High Temps”, “In Contact”, or other custom Tags
  • Track Cleaning & Disinfecting Schedules/Completion
  • Segregate participants and staff based on phases and/or regional requirements
  • Upfront COVID Assessment (based on CDC standards)
  • Collect updated Waivers (w/ new Waiver Language)
  • Distribute new Policies & Procedures, collect “Read & Accept” on each new Policy/Procedure
  • Distribute, track, and monitor completion of new COVID and/or Return to Play training materials

…all of these services come integrated with original Core Features:

  • Deliver & Track Background Checks
  • Deliver & Track Injury/Incident Reporting
  • Deliver & Track your Training Materials
  • Collect & Track Document/Policy/Waiver Collection (w/ e-signatures)
  • Deliver & Track Drug Screenings & other new employee screenings
  • Collect & Track Medical Conditions, Medications, etc
  • Collect & Track Emergency Contacts

NEW: “Return to Work” Training Course from the American Red Cross
A complete training program from the Red Cross, fully available to you at 50% reduction via your SafetyOne subscription:
“Returning to Work During COVID-19: Safe Work Practices” online course… talk to us to learn more

(** COVID-19 Tests may not be available in every region we serve; testing services will be available via SafetyOne once ready, market by market)

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