Safety Tag's Partnership with FITLIFE

Safety & Compliance simplified, mobile, & innovative…

SSafety Tag and Venture’s FITLIFE insurance program have partnered to provide Safety Tag’s product and services to FITLIFE’s clients. Safety Tag provides a risk management platform with a focus on improving Safety & Compliance through our cloud-based & mobile platform. Our product, services, and expertise for FITLIFE’s clients will be focused in the following markets:

  1. Health, Athletic & Fitness Clubs & Gyms
  2. Tennis & Racquet Clubs
  3. Destination & Day Spas
  4. Fitness Studios serving Aerobic, Mind Body, Pilates or Yoga
  5. Dance Studios

We are eager to help you manage these risks for your Organization, and so please contact us below to learn more!

FITLIFE clients will enjoy a discount with Safety Tag, final pricing depends on the breadth and volume of your program(s).