What is Safety Tag?

Safety Tag is a simple to use web based application that enables coaches, parents and other organization leaders to access important medical information when a player gets sick, or injured.

I signed up for Safety Tag, now what do I do?

If Safety Tag is part of your team or league you’ll be able to share your child’s Safety File with your child’s coach.  If you want to add to your Safety Network independently of a team or league that uses Safety Tag you can add a Guardian to your Safety Network.

What do I do if my Safety Tag log in is not working?

First, you may want to check if caps lock is accidentally on.  Second, you may have mistyped your email/username or password.  If you still cannot log in, try resetting your password by selecting the ‘Forgot Login or Password?‘ on the login page.

[Parent] How do I create my Safety Tag account?

Creating your Safety Tag account is easy, and will only take a minute.  Watch the video below for a quick walkthrough.

[Parent] How do I add a child to my profile?

Adding a child and creating his/her Player Safety File is easy.  Watch the video(s) below for a quick walkthrough:

[Parent] How do I edit my child’s Player Safety File?

Editing your child’s Player Safety File on Safety Tag is easy.  Watch the video below for a quick walkthrough:

Will Safety Tag mean more work for our coaches?

No. Rather than having to carry a clipboard with emergency contacts and other league required information, the coach now has that information accessible directly on his smartphone through his Coach’s Dashboard.

[Coach] How do I create my Safety Tag account?

Creating your Safety Tag account is easy, and will only take a minute.  Watch the video below for a quick walkthrough.

[Coach] How do I accept an invite to join a team?

As a coach on Safety Tag, in just a few steps you can create your profile and join the team.  Watch the video below:

[Coach] How do I invite players to link to my team?

As a coach on Safety Tag, in just a few steps you can invite parents to link their kids on to your team.  Watch the video below:

[Coach] How do I invite other coaches to link to my team?

As a coach on Safety Tag, in just a few steps you can invite assistant coaches to link onto your team.  Watch the video below:

[Coach] How do I log an injury on a Player Safety File?

Logging an injury for one of your players on Safety Tag just takes a few steps.  It’s easy!

[Coach]How do I send messages to my team?

With Safety Tag you can send messages to all the teams you coach all at once, or just to one individual parent of one of your players…or anything in between.  Watch the brief walkthrough of the Safety Tag communications feature.

[Coach] How do I use the roll call feature?

With Safety Tag roll call you can take attendance at practice or games. It’s easy to use. Watch the video:

[Coach] How do I call an emergency contact?

You can contact 911 or an emergency contact on Safety Tag in just a few clicks.  It’s easy to use.  Watch the video:

[League Admin] How do I create a new league?

Creating a league with Safety Tag is easy.  As a League Admin you can create multiple leagues for your organization, and multiple teams within that league.  Watch the video:

[League Admin] How do I add a new team?

Creating a team within your Safety Tag league is easy.  As a League Admin you can create multiple leagues for your organization, and multiple teams within that league.  Watch the video:

[League Admin] How do I add a Head Coach?

With your Safety Tag League Admin account you can add a Head Coach to a team that you’ve already created.  The Head Coach will have some Admin capabilities including the ability to invite parents and coaches.  Watch the video:

Is Safety Tag HIPAA Compliant?

Safety Tag is not a “HIPPA covered entity” as defined under HIPPA.   The scope of HIPPA applies to “HIPPA covered entities” (health care providers, health plans, and health care clearinghouses) and their use of “protected health information”.    The information inside Safety Tag is provided by parents, who are not HIPPA covered entities.

If something goes wrong is Safety Tag liable instead of me?

Safety Tag is not liable for any action taken to address an emergency. For more information, see Safety Tag’s Terms & Conditions.

[Parent] Does Safety Tag require me to upload my child’s medical records?

No. Safety Tag does not require medical records, we ask you to volunteer information you think is important regarding your child’s health.

Is the information I give Safety Tag secure?

Yes. Information shared on Safety Tag’s platform is stored and encrypted and cloud based; ensuring that any information put on the site is highly secure.

Does the Safety Tag application work on all mobile devices?

Safety Tag is available on all smartphone devices, laptops, desktops and tablets.  It is a web based application, so any device with a web browser can access the service.

Why can’t I find the Safety Tag app in the App Store?

Safety Tag is an application that is found on web browsers only.  Therefore, you will not be able to find a native app for Safety Tag in any App Store.  The purpose of having Safety Tag function in web browsers only is for security and efficiency reasons.  With a web browser, the cloud can be utilized to provide a secure space for this important information to be stored, while making Safety Tag’s application accessible on any smartphone.

Why does Safety Tag look different on my mobile than on my desktop?

Safety Tag is formatted to fit your desktop and mobile in the most efficient way.  That is why Safety Tag looks different on your mobile than on your desktop.  However, if you prefer the look of the desktop format, you can switch to the desktop version on your mobile through the drop down menu.

Do the SMS messages I receive from Safety Tag cost me anything?

Your carrier’s messaging and data rates may apply.

What do I do if I’m both a coach and a parent and I need to sign up with Safety Tag for both roles?

If you’re both a coach and a parent you will need to use two different email addresses to sign up separately for your coach account and your parent account.  Or maybe someone else in your family can play the role of parent, if you happen to be both coach and parent.

[Parent] If I set up my account with Safety Tag through one league, can I use the same account to share information with another league?

Yes. You can use one Safety Tag account to manage all of your information with any other league using Safety Tag.

[Parent] Can I use Safety Tag for my non-sports groups?

Yes. You may add whomever you like to your Guardian Network to have access to your child’s Player Safety File (PSF).

I’ve created my account but it looks like my child is not joined to a team?

You may have created your account separately from the link the league/coach should have sent you. If this is the case, return to the link in your email and log in with your new account through that, or contact your league/coach to resend you the link.

[Parent] Will a coach always have access to my child’s Player Safety File?

No. Once a season is completed the coach, or coaches, will no longer have access to your child’s Player Safety File.

[Parent] What if I want a coach to continue to have access to my child’s Player Safety File once the season is over?

If you would like to continue to give access to a coach once a season is over, you can add them to your Guardian network separately.

[Parent] What if my child has more than one allergy or condition that I want the coach/instructor to know about?

You can include several different allergies or conditions you would like your child’s coach or instructor to know about.

[Parent] How can I send a message to my child’s coach?

Select the ‘Inbox’ tab and then select the ‘Compose Message’ button.  From here you can choose which coach you would like to send message to.  Additionally, you can send a message to a coach directly from their coach profile.

[Parent] Can I send a message to another parent on my child’s team?

Unfortunately, only a coach can send messages to other player’s accounts, but parents have access to send messages to any coaches on their child’s teams.

[Coach] Can I send a message to parents on two or more teams at once?

Yes. You can select recipients on more than one team by choosing the recipients on the team pages in the messaging process.

Where can I view my child’s list of incidents/injuries?

Select ‘View Player Info’ for the child whose incident history you would like to view. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select ‘View Incident/Injury History’. Here you can view all of the history of incidents/injuries or find a specific incident/injury by filtering the search by date and/or incident type.

[Parent] Where do I add an incident/injury on my child’s Player Safety File?

You can add an incident/injury to your child’s PSF by selecting the ‘Add Incident/Injury’ option to the right of your child’s photo from your Main Page (dashboard) or by selecting the ‘Add Incident/Injury’ button at the bottom of the View Incident/Injury History page.

[Parent] If my child has a minor injury outside of practice, should I tell his/her coach through the Inbox or by logging it as an incident?

You may share this information either way, however, for the purpose of keeping all coaches or users in your Guardian network aware of the injury, logging it as an incident/injury may be more effective.

Where can I find a list of my past payments to Safety Tag?

Select the ‘Billing Information’ option on the drop down menu to view your payment history.

How do I change my email address? phone number? house address?

Go to ‘My Profile’ from the drop down menu and then select the ‘Edit Profile’ button.

For additional customer service please contact Customer Support.


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