About Safety Tag

The Safety Tag network

Safety Tag addresses a consistent and growing problem in youth sports where practice and game fields lack proper supervision from a medical professional or certified athletic trainer.

Youth teams are often run by medically untrained volunteer coaches who are left to treat players who are injured and/or suffer an episode from chronic illnesses. Currently, when a parent signs a child up for a league or activity they fill out emergency contact and health information forms that often end up on a clipboard in a coach’s trunk.

Safety Tag takes all the emergency contact and health information a parent fills out on a league’s waiver form and converts it into a Player Safety File (PSF) accessible to the coaches via a smart-phone. Through the Safety Tag registration process each player on the roster is mapped directly to the coach for that season so that he/she can access the information immediately on his/her Coach’s Dashboard. Parents will also have access to their own child’s Player Safety File through the Family Dashboard.

Safety Tag gives the coaches, leagues and parents a platform that improves player safety dramatically because they now have the vital information in an easy-to-access and secure electronic format. In addition to traditional emergency contact and health information provided, Safety Tag is designed to optimize communication regarding injuries and/or illnesses. Coaches can report injuries that occur during practice and parents can update the Player Safety File to include incidents that may have occurred at home or at school. One collaborative feature of Safety Tag is the Emergency Action Plan. In this form, the parent inputs instructions specific to their child’s health conditions in case an emergency occurs. Coaches are presented with vital information provided by parents on how best to respond to specific health conditions, such as asthma, allergic reactions, or diabetes. In addition, Safety Tag provides each coach a virtual tool box of safety tools for the assessment of various emergency situations, such as heat stroke, dehydration or basic concussion protocols.

Coach dashboard

One of the core features of the Safety Tag is the coach’s dashboard, which he/she can view through a secure mobile site on his/her smartphone. When the coach accesses the app, the roster is securely linked to the cloud so the coach can see his/her team and each Player Page. When an injury or illness occurs the coach has the tools to make the right decision about what trained medical staff to call, or what protocol to follow.

Safety File (PSF)

Personal Safety File: Height, weight, birthdate, insurance info; list of allergies, chronic illness information pertaining to seizures, diabetes, asthma or other critical ailments. Provides all the necessary information to share with an EMT or other emergency staff in the event of an incident.

Injury Log

The coach can log the event through his/her account, which automatically alerts the parent’s notifications so that he/she can be on the lookout for any possible concussion symptoms or other post injury results that their child may experience.

Action Plan

Parents can provide helpful instructions on how to manage an episode of a chronic illness and where to locate necessary medicinal substances.  This aids the coach with the knowledge to act when an incident occurs.

The Safety Tools

The coach can have access to useful general health information, which will assist in assessing injuries such as mild to severe concussion symptoms, useful hydration guidelines, CPR tips, a heat index display as well as an alarm for water breaks.

Parent dashboard

When a coach logs an injury in the Player Safety File, the parent will receive notification of that injury through private SMS (text) message alert.  Parents can also update the Player Safety File and the coach will receive notification, making Safety Tag an optimal player safety communication tool.